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A Street in Grimaldi

A Street in Grimaldi

Location: Grimaldi, Italy

Subject: Streetscape

Medium: Watercolour

Date: 1920s

Signature: Knighton Hammond

Dimensions: 59 cm x 45 cm

This watercolour of a narrow street in Grimaldi, which is a town close to the France/Italian border, shows Knighton-Hammond working with a surprisingly restricted colour palette. The main focus are the figures going about their business ascending or descending the sloping street. These would have been painted at lightning speed to give movement and spontaneity to the composition. The building flanking the street is depicted in a very Impressionistic style – not being slavish to detail and that provided dissolves into the fabric of the façade. Even with a restricted palette Knighton-Hammond still creates a sense of light and space.

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