The Knighton-Hammond Library Project

The Knighton-Hammond website has been set up to raise the profile of the artist to a wider audience by providing information on his life and works worldwide.

The website was founded by Michael Hammond, Collector and the artist’s Great Nephew and Peter Norris, Art Historian, Collector and the artist’s Biographer.

Both Michael and Peter have a very long association with the work of Knighton-Hammond. Michael, as a youngster, met his Great Uncle at a family gathering and was aware of his paintings hanging in the homes of various family members. As time went on, he developed a liking for his Great Uncle’s work and has been an avid collector.

Peter became aware of Knighton-Hammond’s work when viewing an auction and the one watercolour by Knighton-Hammond in the sale attracted his attention. He purchased the work which started a life-long interest and collection. He was conscious of the lack of available information on this local artist so decided to write a monograph on Knighton-Hammond’s life and work which was published in 1994.

Michael and Peter want to share their interest via the website to as wide an audience as possible and to learn more from feedback about his works which are scattered far and wide throughout the world.

Knighton-Hammond painted for about 80 years. He had a prolific output and he painted in all mediums and worked at lightning speed, particularly in water-colour.


Arthur Knighton-Hammond

From a humble background and little formal education, Arthur Henry Knighton-Hammond, through hard work, determination and a unique artistic talent, rose to significant heights. Over a period in excess of seventy-five years ...

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The Artwork Library provides a small selection of Knighton-Hammond's prolific output over a period of 80 years. The Library is being constantly added to and public participation is encouraged.

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