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Bowl of Roses

Bowl of Roses

Location: Misterton, Somerset, UK

Subject: Flower Study

Medium: Oils

Signature: Knighton-Hammond

Dimensions: 49 cm x 62 cm

During the latter decades of Knighton-Hammond’s life he turned to still life and flower painting. This Bowl of Roses is painted in thick impasto oils giving texture to the flowers and foliage. The artist did not like the formality of neatly arranged flowers so he would often take out the odd stem and place it on the table next to the bowl on this occasion. One has the feeling that the paint was applied at speed. The bowl is built up with a few brushstrokes giving it roundness. The flowers are created with broken brushstrokes creating the necessary three-dimensional feel. There is disposition of space within the display. All-in-all a powerful composition which stands alone on the table, detached from the background.

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