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Brine Well with 'A' Power Station

Brine Well with 'A' Power Station

Location: Midland, Michigan, USA

Subject: Industrial Scene

Medium: Oils

Date: 1920

Signature: Knighton Hammond

Dimensions: 87 cm x 66.5 cm

Brine Well with 'A' Power Station in background, Dow Chemical Plant is a colourful oil painting. The striking vertical tower structure and the tall chimney stacks give a degree of majesty to an unlikely composition. The plant was built with no other purpose than to be functional yet through Knighton-Hammond's eyes he sees shape, line and space combined to bring order to the disorderly industrial scene. He transforms the function into form and creates a subject worthy of artistic interest.

Reproduced by kind permission of the Herbert H and Grace A Dow Foundation.

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