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Evening in Spring – Lathkil Dale, Derbyshire 1908

Evening in Spring – Lathkil Dale, Derbyshire 1908

Location: Youlgreave, Derbyshire, UK

Subject: Landscape

Medium: Oils

Date: 1908

Signature: Arthur H Hammond

Dimensions: 25 cm x 35 cm

We know the time of day and season from the title of the picture and one feels this is the landscape just recovering from winter. The River Lathkil appears to originate near Monyash and runs through Youlgreave and Alport before it joins the River Wye. The river widens out at numerous places and there are various changes of levels creating stepped waterfalls. Knighton-Hammond chose both a stepped waterfall and widening out of the river to set up his easel and paints. The valley has a steep bank populated with trees which are reflected in the slow running water of the pool area. There appears to be a boathouse structure projecting out into the river from the bank. The foliage in the foreground is rich in colour and texture.

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