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I Stood in Venice

I Stood in Venice

Location: Venice, Italy

Subject: Cityscape

Medium: Oils

Date: 1920s

Signature: Knighton Hammond

Dimensions: 44 cm x 59 cm

The artist gave this painting the title ‘I Stood in Venice’.  The canal is busy with gondolas and also sailing boats moored at the quayside. The line of buildings flanking the far side of the canal have fine linear perspective and a brilliant rendition of the stucco façades. Knighton-Hammond has not worked on detail but provides us with an impression which is perfectly adequate for the architecture to be read. The figures on the quayside trigger awareness of what is going on in the scene and focuses our interaction. The composition guides the spectator’s eye around the art work from quayside to along the façades and back to the figures going about their business. It is completely evident that the lessons of Impressionism had been absorbed fully by Knighton-Hammond. The element of spontaneity has been fully integrated into the process. Light was the principal agent for the Impressionists and Knighton-Hammond uses the ever-changing effects from the sky to highlight the architecture and the water on the canal. The painting was exhibited at the Atkinson Gallery, Stockport 1950 at their 59th Spring Exhibition of Modern Art (No. 188).

This oil painting was purchased by the present owner direct from the artist’s studio in 1968.

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