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Portrait of a Gentleman

Portrait of a Gentleman

Location: UK

Subject: Portrait

Medium: Oils

Date: 1940s

Signature: Knighton-Hammond

Dimensions: 39 cm x 28 cm

The sitter appears to be deep in thought as he poses for his portrait. All of Knighton-Hammond’s portraits have individuality and this is no exception. He was beloved for his ability to capture the inner mood and personality of his sitter, who he would have painted from life. Using his penetrating powers of observation, he is able to convey human presence rather than artistic process. The modelling of the head and hand are exceptional and highlight the richness of the complexion. One is aware how much thought and technical knowledge have been brought to bear on this portrait. There is nothing laboured or heavy in the radiance of his flesh colours. Whilst the sitter appears to be in deep contemplation one is conscious that there was probably much dialogue taking place between the gentleman and the artist. The slight exaggerations in the hand makes for greater expression. This oil painting was purchased by the present owner direct from the artist’s studio in 1968.

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