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Reeves the Tramp with a broken finger

Reeves the Tramp with a broken finger

Location: Ditchling, Sussex, UK

Subject: Portrait

Medium: Oils

Date: 1930s

Signature: Knighton Hammond

Dimensions: 100 cm x 73 cm

The portrait of Reeves the Tramp with a broken finger completely conveys the human presence and character of the sitter rather than just artistic process – good though that is. Mr Reeves was probably passing through Ditchling and was invited into the studio like many locals, but each sitter had unique individuality. K-H appears to have been drawn to these characters who were both source material and inspiration for him. We know from a watercolour and etchings of Mr Reeves that the artist has captured a good likeness. The portrait demonstrates a thorough understanding of anatomy. The features are painted with supreme confidence: the eyes are striking conveying the character of the sitter; the complexions show the ruggedness which comes with hard outdoor work in all winds and weathers. There is a similar ruggedness conveyed by Mr Reeves’s heavy clothes.

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