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Sisteron, France

Sisteron, France

Location: Sisteron, France

Subject: Landscape

Medium: Watercolour

Date: 1920s

Signature: Knighton-Hammond

Dimensions: 46 cm x 61.5 cm

This extensive, atmospheric landscape would have been encountered when Knighton-Hammond was on his travels around France. Inspired by new locations clearly added to the development of his style. To give depth to the composition the artist uses a series of horizontal planes. The buildings and foliage in the foreground are separated by the row of cypress trees from the landscape. The foreground is painted in pale greens, the local colour. As the picture recedes to the background the veil of atmosphere through which the distance is viewed turns the colours to blues – the atmospheric colour. This panoramic landscape is very responsive to light and colour with loose, freer and rhythmic brushwork applied at speed.

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