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Street Market

Street Market

Location: Tunis, Tunisia

Subject: Streetscape

Medium: Watercolour

Signature: Knighton Hammond

Dimensions: 34 cm x 49 cm

These market stalls have been set up on a pavement possibly in Tunis which would date the watercolour to the latter part of 1922. The produce has been placed on the stalls and in baskets on boxes at the front on the roadside. The stalls have simple fabric canopy roofs. The traders are behind the stalls awaiting customers. The colourful produce gives a touch of vibrancy to the sunbathed scene. The shadows cast on the walls from the stalls are painted in a blue – a completely different colour to the walls in yellow. In the Impressionist style, shadows are depicted not in an absence of light giving a darker colour but colour of a different value. The artist has used watercolours to good effect with regards to the freshness and luminosity of the scene. The figures provide a human touch to the composition painted in a very free manner.

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