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The Abbey Church Yard and Grand Pump Room, Bath, 1919

The Abbey Church Yard and Grand Pump Room, Bath, 1919

Location: Bath, UK

Subject: Streetscape

Medium: Watercolour

Date: 1919

Signature: A Knighton-Hammond

Dimensions: 38 cm x 27.5 cm

This watercolour of the Abbey Churchyard in Bath was painted in 1919 whilst Knighton-Hammond was on a break from British Dyes. The artist would have set himself up with the west main entrance of the abbey. The building to the left is the north façade of Grand Pump Room completed in 1706, ahead beyond the columnar screen fronting Stall Street was the Grand Pump Room Hotel which was built in 1869 and to the right was shops. Outside the Grand Pump Room are sedan chairs waiting to provide a taxi service in a traditional Georgian manner. The figures are almost ghost like as they were sketched in with transparent watercolours giving movement and spontaneity. The Classical architecture is superbly depicted with remarkable precision with ‘Impressionist’ detail and fine perspective. Sunlight and shadow add to the richness of the honey-coloured Bath stone ashlar facades. It is clear that Knighton-Hammond was developing an interest in urban spaces with human activity.

The Grand Pump Room Hotel was demolished in 1958 making way for a block of flats, Arlington House.


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