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The Ditchling Postman

The Ditchling Postman

Location: Ditchling, Sussex, UK

Subject: Portrait

Medium: Oils

Date: 1930s

Signature: Knighton-Hammond

Dimensions: 91 cm x 70.5 cm

Joseph Faulkner was the Ditchling Postman and was to sit for his portrait for the artist on a number of occasions always wearing his uniform. The head is painted using thick impasto oil paint modelling the volume and giving a richness to the complexion. All of Knighton-Hammond’s portrait have individuality and Joe is no exception. Even though the sitter appears slightly stiff in his pose, one can imagine there was dialogue taking place between sitter and artist. Knighton-Hammond has captured a good likeness of Joe, which was essential as everyone knew this popular local man and as was the portrayal of his character. Knighton-Hammond conveys human presence rather than mere artistic process important though that was. The slight exaggerations in the hands makes for greater expression. The background is relatively simple but works to project the sitter forward into the space of the spectator.

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