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The Horse Fair

The Horse Fair

Location: Ditchling, Sussex, UK

Subject: Landscape

Medium: Watercolour

Date: 1930s

Signature: Knighton-Hammond

Dimensions: 55 cm x 76.5 cm

Full of light, colour and air this watercolour of the horse fair is probably Ditchling. Knighton-Hammond wrote a treatise of watercolour painting and used the Village Horse Show at Ditchling as a case study. Firstly, he would sketch in charcoal the permanent features such as the trees. Next the figures and motor cars are sketched in outline in watercolour at lightning speed before they moved away followed by horses. The features that affect colour, form, light and shade are painted in. Splashes of colour were added as near to the shape of the shadows as possible; then the tents in the middle distance were drawn followed by the hills in the background and the sky. Once the colours forming the shadows were dry, he would complete the grass and foliage to the trees.

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